About Us

Established in 2006, SDHOA has the experience you need to manage your homeowner’s association.  We started as a full service real estate company but, over time we have found our niche and really focused our energy on what we do best.  We specialize in homeowner’s association management and real estate services.  We are focused on managing the long-term needs of our clients.

We dedicate ourselves to provide the best management services available and pride ourselves in our ability to continuously raise the bar and increase industry standards across the county.

The key to our success has always been to remain proactive.  By maintaining a constant line of communication we can manage your community and leave you with the peace of mind that SDHOA has everything under control.

Community management, when done properly, will actually save you money and not be just another added expense.

Please contact me if you would like a free proposal,

Jennifer Armitage