We offer community management services that cover all routine monthly and annual services for one flat fee.   Many of our competitors utilize a misleading base fee and “add-on” charges that, in our opinion, encourage inaction and hesitation.   The purpose of an Association Manager is to assist the Board with the tasks required of them –it is in everyone’s best interest to complete these tasks efficiently and quickly.  Our clients agree that we, in fact, manage to do this time and time again.

The all inclusive contract includes, but is not limited to the following tasks:

  • Collection of Assessments (including monthly owner statements)
  • Invoice Payments of Budget Items
  • Preliminary collections of delinquent account
  • Preparation/ Disbursement of financial statements
  • Physical inspections of complex
  • Periodic review of vendor contracts
  • Liaison between board and members

Additionally, we act as liaison to the Board and assist the Association’s representative with:

  • Reserve Studies
  • Budget Preparation
  • Tax Return and Audit Preparations
  • Insurance claims
  • Legal Actions
  • Small Claims Actions
  • All phases of collection matters
  • Major Renovations
  • Revisions to Association Documents
We also offer Limited Services or Bookkeeping Services for Associations of all sizes for boards who wish to retain operational control of the HOA.  For these clients we still offer all services on an add-on basis and the board becomes/remains the primary point of contact for all members and vendors.